Monday, October 1, 2012

You Foxy Thing You!

Oh, such a foxy tea towel to spruce up your kitchen!

Rather than saving it for those domestic doldrums, why not show off this cunning little number by framing it, hanging on your wall or making it into something luscious to pop your treasures into.

Inspired by Suffolk's resident fox population, this Patternista Tea Towel has been designed using original paper-cuts, doodles and photographs.

To purchase, visit the Patternista Etsy Store.

Fully machine washable, this 100% cotton kitchen textile is one in a series of 4 nature inspired tea towels, made and printed in Britain:-

For further information visit: Patternista Facebook Page

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  1. Such very gorgeous tea towels. When do you think you will have some fabric? I am planning fox adorned skirts..

  2. Ah shucks, thanks Rebecca! It is in the "mad and chaotic" pipeline... Fabric with smaller scaled motifs are a-coming! x Good luck with linen.

  3. I just got bought the fox and the deer as birthday pressies, they are utterly gorgeous and far too lovely to use as tea towels, I will be turning mine into a lovely Christmas quilt, ready for next winter. When I start I will post pictures on my blog. Its nice to find local talent

  4. Thanks Lotti! I'm glad you love them. I'm in midst of designing fabric panels too. Keep updated on Twitter: @patternista1. Have a good Xmas :)